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Welcome to Jaguar Specialties, your #1 source for:

  • Jaguar V8 Conversion Kits & Parts for XJ6 XJ6C XJ12 XJS XJSC XJ8 and XK8  
  • Engine choices from Chevy Carb, TPI, TBI, LT1, up to Fabulous LS1 LS2 LSx!!
  • Jaguar Upgrades of all types- Suspension, Body, and More...
  • Jaguar Parts for All Models- Repair or Restoration


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    Hot!!! European Bumper Conversion for XJ6/XJ6C & XJ12/XJ12C Click Here


    Project XJLS-C............. Continues - See The Updates

    Euro XJ Coupe + 400hp LS2 & Manual 6 speed + More - WOW!!! Click Here  



    15 years of Jaguars with LS power - 2008-2023 !!  Click Here



    Get details about all of our Jaguar-LSx Conversions- Click Here


    See finished cars in our Jaguar-LSx Gallery- Click Here

    (All done using our kits and parts)


    WOW- Hot Jag LS Projects- Check them out !!! - Click Here



    XK8 with 408ci LS makes 390 RWHP on the dyno!! Click Here

    XJS LS Projects in the works- Wow!! Click Here

    Project XK-G8: Sexy XK8 + 400hp LS2 !! Click Here


    ROCKETSHIP XJSC with LS1/6-Speed Power!!
     Click Here


    Wow: LS2 Powered 1998 XJ8L......



    Fantastic: LS1 XJ6C sells for $165k!!! Click Here