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Overview- Jaguar V8 Conversion Kits and Parts:


 Our basic philosophy on Jaguar-V8 engine conversions is very simple: use as many standard, off-the-shelf components as you can, and a minimum number of “special” parts. Using standard parts for your conversion makes for a car that is more reliable, less expensive to build, and less expensive (and easier) to maintain. These parts, used with our group of specially designed components, make your conversion successful, and also give it the "factory installed" look.

 Jaguar Specialties offers a number of different kits and parts for your Jaguar conversion, and everything is available individually, or in any combination you like. You can buy everything you'll need at one time, a little at a time, or anything in between- we're very flexible. Here are some important details  relative to Jaguar V8 conversions using our parts:

  • Everything Bolts In     No drilling, cutting, or welding are required on the car, or engine/transmission to install our parts.

  • Everything Will Work: When the conversion is finished, all of the (original Jaguar) gauges will read correctly, the Jaguar shifter will work properly with the new GM transmission, the power steering will have the right feel, the AC will probably work better, and even the factory Jaguar cruise control (if equipped) can be used.

We offer kits and parts that are compatible with any Chevy V8 engine from 1969 up to the present day including carbureted TBI, TPI, LT1, and even LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 and LSx (including LS- based truck engines); transmission options include T350, T400, T700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, and T2004R.

From here, you can click on the appropriate link below related to your Jaguar model and see what’s offered for it: