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LSx Engine Conversions for Jaguar Cars: LS1 LS2 LS3 LSx-

Beginning in 1998 (and 1997 with the Corvette), GM began to roll out the new fully redesigned small block V8 engines, then called the LS1. This completely new design shared virtually no components or design features with the older small blocks. For the Camaro and Corvette (and later GTO) applications, the engine was all aluminum (block and heads), with a separate version developed for trucks using a similar, but cast iron, block. In the now 22 years since its introduction, the LSx series of engines have been recognized as a quantum leap forward in power, efficiency, and flexibility of applications. With displacements ranging from 4.8L all the way up to 7.0L, there are a lot of possibilities. And as a result, many Jaguar owners (including me) became interested in finding out what it would take to use this engine in some of our cars. As of this writing, Jaguar Specialties is the only company offering any kits or parts for LS engine conversions into Jaguar models.

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