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Last Update 1-27-23

Products for 87-94 XJ6, Sovereign, and Vanden Plas (XJ40 model)

Although these cars have remained very popular with Jaguar owners for the many years since their 1987 introduction (1988 in the US), there is still relatively little aftermarket parts suppport for them. The aftermarket instead concentrated on the earlier (70-87) sedans, and left these alone. That's a shame as these are great cars, with a unique confident, somewhat sporting, and slightly quirky personality all their own. Jaguar Specialties is pleased to offer several different and useful upgrades and conversions for these models, as follows:

Rear Suspension Conversion Kit (to standard shocks and springs)-
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XJ40 Vacuum Brake Booster Servo Conversion Upgrade Kit, 87-89 Models
(eliminates power hydraulic system)-  Click Here

Front Sway/Anti-Roll Bar Upgrade- Improves handling and composure in turns-
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Chevy V8 Engine Conversion- Install reliable powerful Chevy powerplant in your XJ40-
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Latest XJ40 project- LT1 conversion on 1994 XJ12- Click Here