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Jaguar V8 Conversion Projects

See what it takes to do a conversion, step by step

Latest Update- 12-6-19


Looking through a website like this one is great, but what's really important is understanding what it takes to actually do different types of conversions. To help customers get a feel for that, we've published a series of articles here online that walk you through the various steps with plenty of photos. All aspects of the conversions are covered- engine and transmission mounting, wiring, cooling systems, power steering hook-ups, air conditioning connections and much more. Below are a few projects for you to review. We hope you find them interesting:

One question that always seems to come up is "where do you get the new GM drivetrains for your Jags?" Well for the most part, they come from  wrecked donor cars that otherwise are complete. Although not always practical, buying a complete (but damaged) donor for your conversion gives you the best way to see how the new drivetrain was put together in a car before you try to graft it into your Jag. Plus you can always sell off the extra parts to help fund your project. Another good way to get your new powerplant is to buy a complete "drop-out" unit from a wrecking yard. In this case, pay close attention to what you're buying and what you need, or  you'll spend a lot of time and money chasing down missing parts.


Just for fun, here are some pics of cars we've used as donors for Jag conversions- we call them "Organ Donors":