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Last Update 8-20-23
Tech Tip #9- TBI Conversions for Jaguars- using the right fuel pump

One of the most overlooked, but best performing engines for a Jaguar conversion is the GM TBI engines used in 86-92 Camaro/Firebird, 89-93 Caprice, and 88-95 GM trucks (including full size Blazer and Suburban). To run these engines properly, your Jaguar needs the correct (medium pressure, around 12 psi) fuel pump. The original Jaguar (carbureted) pumps have too low a a pressure rating, while the later fuel injection pumps in the XJ6, XJ12, and XJS are far too high. Complicating matters is the fact that GM typically used in-tank pumps for all of itís cars from the early 80ís on (including the TBI cars), and these are not adaptable for out-of-tank use.

However, there are several commercially available external TBI fuel pumps that can easily be used in a Jaguar (or any TBI) installation requiring an external pump. Here are a couple to choose from:

Master E8153, available through Checker/Kragen/Shucks/Parts America

NFPP74017, available through Napa Auto Parts

These both offer a 10-14 PSI pressure range which is perfect for TBI, and range in price from $45-$65, which is very reasonable.