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Last Update 8-20-23
Tech Tip #12- Heater Hoses for Jaguar Conversions

While most factory-built cars have very clean, specially formed heater hoses to fit different car-engine installations, our Jaguar conversions usually have to make due with bulk (straight) heater hoses. That sometimes makes for less practical (and attractive) installations, primarily due to the requirement not to bend a hose too tightly (and kink it). However, there are other options out there for us.

All Jag heater cores require a 5/8" ID heater hose, and Goodyear (now made by Continental) makes a wide variety of preformed (generic) heater shaped hoses of a variety of lengths. These are all heat formed like the factory stuff, but the tight 90 degree angle makes for nice simple installations. Here are the part numbers and descriptions of some of the pieces I've used in the past:

# 63806- 4" x 6" L-shape (5/8" ID)
# 63812- 4" x 12" L-shape (5/8" ID)
# 63818- 4" x 18" L-shape (5/8" ID)
# 63824- 4" x 24" L-shape (5/8" ID)


# 63020- 6" U-bend (5/8" x 5/8"")

And Napa has a slick 90 degree 5/8' hose coupler, made of plastic-very handy: #6601482

Below is a pic of these hoses and the coupler- check them out at your local auto parts store next time you drop in.