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Last Update 8-20-23
Tech Tip #11- Rear Suspension Trailing Arm Removal for 70-87 XJ6 and all XJS

From time to time, and particularly when the rear (inboard) brakes need to be rebuilt, removing the rear suspension on XJ cars is required. For the 70-87 XJ6 and all XJS models, the cage mounted rear suspension also includes a pair of forward facing trailing arms. These arms need to be disengaged from the body to remove the suspension in one piece, but are often difficult disconnect. Specifically, the large front bushing, which engages a metal nub on the underside of the floorpan, is a catch point for water and dirt, often "welding" itself to the body with rust. Just removing the attaching bolt through the bushing and prying on the outside of the arm doesn't help. That point is rubber insulated to the inner attaching area (to the body) and any prying just stretches the rubber. I'm sure there is probably some special removal tool that will work here, but I have found another way, that seems to work 99% of the time.

I usually use a special pry bar called a "rolling wedge". Craftsman makes one (part number 0942892), and I'm sure other suppliers do as well. The key here is the specially formed curved head which can fit inside the inner cup of the large training arm bushing, and can wedge on the body mount. Then by levering the free end by hand, the bushing will usually pop loose. Occasionally, with 30 year old pieces on my 75 XJ6C, some tapping (sometimes hard) on the end with a hammer gives just the right amount of shock to break them loose.

Here are some pics of the parts in question, the tool, and how it's used.