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Last Update  5-1-19
Hot new product from Jaguar Specialties- XJ-Lift’R !!!!

XJ-Lift’R is a unique floor jack accessory tool designed specifically for Jaguar XJ models. Now you can raise your 68-87 XJ6/XJ6C/XJ12 or XJS safely with a standard floor jack, and without floor damage.!!!

If you own a ’68-‘87 XJ6, XJ12, XJ6C, XJ12C or 76-96 XJS, and work on your car, then you know about the jacking issues with these models. Jaguar provided only a very small diameter jacking point at each of the 4 corners of the car. Trying to lift your car at any of these points with a decent floor jack usually results in damage to the surrounding floor- the jack saddle reaches beyond the jacking points and contacts the floor, collapsing it upwards, permanently. Adding a wooden block or steel plate inside the saddle may help, but it both makes the jack saddle higher (a problem with these low cars) and also makes the lifting unsteady and dangerous. But now there is a better way.

Jaguar Specialties is proud to announce the XJ-Lift’R . This new item is a custom designed and machined replacement for the saddle of your standard floor jack, providing positive, safe, and damage-free lifting of your Jaguar XJ. It is designed to fit around the pin/jacking point on your Jaguar and provide lifting force only on that reinforced area,, just as the factory intended.

The XJ-Lift’R is machined from a single piece of solid cold rolled steel for the utmost strength and durability, and using it is simple. Just remove your original floor jack saddle (it simply pulls up and out) and drop the XJ-Lift’R in its place. Now bring your jack to the car, line up the hole in the top of the XJ-Lift’R with the Jag jacking point pin, and then lift away. The XJ-Lift’R will go up with the jack, over the jacking point pin, and lift the car on the surrounding reinforced area. And because the XJ-Lift’R sits around the jacking pin, the car can’t slide off the jack. The XJ-Lift’R will fit all floor jacks that have a removal saddle with a 30mm mounting pin (most medium to large floor jacks manufactured today). It will lift at either the front or rear jacking points.

This unique new product for the Jaguar owner is being offered now for the first time, and it is sure to be a valuable addition to your tool box. Now you can work safely, and damage free, and enjoy the tasks that keep our great cars on the road.

Here are some pics of the XJ-Lift’R in action:

Safety side note- Jaguars are heavy, bulky cars, so if you’re still using a small trolley jack with a small fixed saddle to raise your Jaguar for maintenance or whatever, in the interest of safety, please consider purchasing a decent size floor jack instead. The small trolley jacks are fine for the little compact cars, but not for cars with the heft of our Jags……

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XJ-Lift’R is registered with the US Patent Office and is US Patent Pending.