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  • July 2020

Super Special Deal on XJS Rear License Light Repair kit- June orders get free shipping!!!!


If you own one of these great cars, you need this kit, and you probably donít even know it. Go back and look at the condition of the license plate lights on your car. What you will probably find is that the plastic holders there are deteriorated and falling apart, leaving the wiring and bulbs dangling (yikes- a short waiting to happenÖ). This is the result of the terrible quality plastic Jag used on these pieces. Not to worry- our XJS license lens kit is the fix: new lens holders and lenses all and from modern plastics (so they will hold up), new copper contacts for the bulbs, and even a new pair of bulbs. The attached pics show the typical XJS with the lamps falling apart and dangling, then another car once the upgrade lamps have been installed, and pic of the kit itself.

Kit Price- $89 (free shipping offer limited to stock on hand)



For more info on the repair kit itself, Click Here

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  • EBay Auctions

Occasionally I will run Jaguar part auctions on Ebay. These auctions are usually for the parts I normally carry, but from time to time Iíll also put up some unusual or one-of-a-kind parts as well. Ebay and I have a long and very good history, and I find it an invaluable tool for reaching Jaguar enthusiasts who otherwise may not have connected with me. And Iíve worked very hard to make sure that each and every one of my customers there, as in direct purchases, is happy. You can verify my very positive history by reviewing the feedback of my user account: ďthe-jag-guyĒ (donít include the quote marks). By the way, Iím often a buyer on Ebay as well, so I know how I like to be treatedÖ.

In the spirit of Ebay and the good deal, nearly all of the auctions I run have starting prices lower than the normal everyday pricing, so itís possible for you to get an even better deal if your timing is right. To check on the auctions currently running, click on the following link:

EBay Auctions